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‘The Croods: A New Age’ Review

A Disappointing Sequel
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This image is the wallpaper to the movie because it encapsulates the chaos. The family is running from several wild species.

“The Croods: A New Age” is a family comedy with a few good laughs sprinkled throughout, but it is overall not an entertaining movie.

This anticipated sequel to “The Croods” lacks the originality of its predecessor, resulting in a feeling of repetition because both movies include the same ideas, themes, and sense of humor.

In the first movie, Emma Stone’s character Eep meets Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The Croods, especially Eep’s dad Grug, are reluctant to accept Guy into the family. However, as the movie progresses, Guy becomes a part of their family and teaches them new ideas.

A similar theme is found in “Croods 2” when the Croods discover the Bettermans, a family who has developed modern skills and ideas to create a luxurious farm settlement. Except for Guy, the entire Croods family grows to hate the Bettermans and their modern lifestyle, but, by the end of the film, they end up living with them and becoming a tribe. 

Next, “Croods 2” lacks originality and new ideas. To make up for its lack of nuance, the film creates unnecessary scenes, animals, and animation that do not add any value to the film’s plot. When the Croods stumble upon the Betterman’s, the writers make an effort to create jokes every second about their advanced lifestyle compared to the Croods. Everything just feels forced and unnecessary when really they need to focus on telling a good story. They also use made-up animals such as the “land shark” and “chicken seal” in an attempt to contribute to their comical theme, but it just ended up diminishing the merit of the film. 

Despite the film’s quality, many kids still love it because it makes them laugh at all its weird quirks. For example, my eleven-year-old cousin laughed hysterically when Gran removed her wig from her head, and it flew away in the form of a bird.

This movie probably sounds unbearable to older folks, but it is enjoyable when you watch it as a family because kids absolutely love it and find it hilarious.

Overall, “Croods 2” is a great watch for kids, but it is not a high-quality film that the whole family will enjoy.

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Charlie Sullivan
Charlie Sullivan, Staff Writer
Charlie Sullivan is a junior at Woodside High School and a second-year journalist. He enjoys writing about sports and local news in the community. He hopes to become a better writer this year while entertaining and informing the Woodside community. Outside of school, Charlie enjoys playing sports, riding bikes, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family.  

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