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A collection of beach reads in a variety of genres for this summer!

Top 5 beach reads for this summer!

Mia Hua, Politics Editor May 24, 2022

As school comes to an end, the temperatures rise, and responsibilities fly out the window, the perfect beach read awaits its readers.  The summertime gives stressed out students a respite from the frantic...

Seniors write their colleges on the window outside of the College and Career Center.

What to do once you’ve received your college acceptance letter!

Mia Hua, Politics Editor April 19, 2022

Once high school seniors receive their college acceptances, the joy only lasts a few moments. Then, the fear and confusion of committing to a college, applying for scholarships and financial aid, putting...

Senior Shai Dickman uses his hobby of coding to create beautiful pieces of art.

Unusual hobbies: Enjoying the oddities in life

Mia Hua and Kailyn Holty March 21, 2022

As high school is a melting pot of stress and anxiety, many students engage in unusual hobbies for a much-needed break in the day. Often, these niche activities, like karate, memorizing digits of pi, and...

Look out for Drive to Survive season 4, releasing on Netflix on March 11th.

“Drive to Survive” season 4 release date rapidly approaches

Mia Hua, Politics Editor March 9, 2022
Season 4 of “Drive to Survive” premieres on March 11th. 
One students dismal pulled pork sandwich provided for hot lunch.

School lunch: To eat or not to eat

Mia Hua, Politics Editor February 10, 2022

The bell rings at 12:25, and thus begins the mad rush out of classrooms to get hot lunch at the cafeteria.  Woodside offers free school lunches as part of Newsom’s plan to prevent student hunger....

Woodside senior Erika Rohlfes asks a question at the weekly Senior Class board meeting.

Teens vs. politics: A spotlight on teen apathy and involvement

Mia Hua, Politics Editor February 6, 2022

While Woodside students generally have many opinions, politics seems to be the one subject where student involvement varies; some avidly participate because they’re passionate about our political climate,...

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