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Gavin Newsom eliminates the possibility of online school.

Gavin Newsom’s COVID Policies Amidst Omicron and How They Affect Woodside

Mia Hua, Politics Editor January 15, 2022

As students return from Winter Break to in-person learning, Woodside must follow the ever-changing policies provided by California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Sequoia Union High School District. Last...

Woodside families have found many silver linings of the COVID pandemic.

The Silver Linings of COVID-19

Mia Hua, Politics Editor January 14, 2022

While COVID-19 has undeniably caused harm and tragedy across the world, Woodside students, teachers, and staff reflect on the silver linings they’ve found throughout lockdown. COVID-19 shut down the...

Woodside senior Kevin Lagarde and Woodside junior Carla Andino complete study week assignments, preparing for their upcoming finals.

Woodside Students: Study Week Edition

Mia Hua, Culture Editor December 9, 2021

If you're looking for a warm, quiet place to study, come to the Woodside High School Library above the Administration Office. There are plenty of tables, comfy chairs, and computers for your use. Good...

Red (Taylors Version) broke the Spotify record for most-streamed album in a day by a female, with 90.8 million streams.

Red (Taylor’s Version) – Nearly One Decade Later

Mia Hua, Culture Editor December 6, 2021

Taylor Swift’s rerecorded album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” smashes records and breaks hearts with both rerecordings of the original songs and new recordings of never heard before songs (also known...

Woodside senior Mia Hua loves crocheting and has created a collection of crocheted stuffed animals.

Crochet’s Comeback: The Revival of Yarn Crafts

Mia Hua, Culture Editor November 15, 2021
The crochet trend began with Harry Styles' patchwork cardigan, which he wore for a Today Show rehearsal appearance, deep into the COVID-19 pandemic. The JW Anderson cardigan made a big splash on TikTok as people posted their handmade replicas. Now, #harrystylescardigan on TikTok has over 41 million views. Styles’ cardigan led thousands of teenagers cooped up at home to pick up their crochet projects again and post on social media about their cute creations.
Thousands of people attended the recent Pitbull Concert, dancing in the mosh pit without masks.

The Resurgence of Concerts Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mia Hua, Culture Editor October 20, 2021

The live music experience changed drastically with COVID-19, making in-person group events tricky regarding COVID-19 precautions and different people’s levels of comfort.  Woodside students have...

Woodside senior Ethan Moore 3D printed this spare bike part at the Maker Club.

All About Woodside’s Maker Club

Mia Hua, Culture Editor September 29, 2021

Students in the Maker Club learn about 3D printers and make their own 3D printings in G-1 every Monday.  Woodside’s Maker Club has a variety of machines, including 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl...

He’s All That is one of the recent Netflix releases that’s caused controversy over social media.

Netflix’s “He’s All That” Raises the Question: What Audience is Netflix Targeting?

Mia Hua, Culture Editor September 22, 2021

“He’s All That," a movie remake of the hit 90s movie “She’s All That,” proves that Netflix can attract and profit off the huge audiences celebrities can bring in.  Netflix publishes original...

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