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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, like most other universities, has an Instagram page for students admitted to the class of 2026.

College roommate selection processes vary at different schools

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief May 3, 2022

After accepting admission from a college, many seniors face the difficult task of finding a roommate.  The process of roommate selection varies from college to college. At some colleges, students are...

Jessica Lin has struggled with depression and she wants other young people to know they don’t have to be alone.

KQED Perspective: Jessica Lin, I think I have depression

Jessica Lin, Local News Editor April 28, 2022

It took me four years to tell my parents ... It’s dinner, my parents are talking but it's just noise in the background. I’m staring. I don't know where. What if, what if they dismiss me? What...

As Youth Takeover week continues, Kailyn Holty discovers a world of possibility when the pressure to be perfect is abandoned.

KQED Perspective: Kailyn Holty, Perfect imperfection

Kailyn Holty, Editor in Chief April 27, 2022

“There’s no such thing as perfect.” My first grade art teacher would constantly berate us with this statement, hoping to instill the idea that art is about embracing the imperfections. In...

Work permit applications at Woodside can be found near the exit of the Guidance Office. Students should ensure they follow all the steps outlined on the application before officially starting at a job.

Local teens expose illegal working conditions

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief April 5, 2022

Teenagers are being exploited in their workplaces, and work permits are doing little to mitigate the problem. High school students get jobs for many reasons, such as saving money for college, helping...

After receiving decisions from colleges, many seniors experience prolonged stress into the month of April as they have to make the decision of which college they wish to attend.

Seniors stress in the month of March

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief March 23, 2022

March is a month of great stress for many seniors as they anxiously await college decisions from their top schools.  Many schools have released information revealing that they have received record-breaking...

A squirrel enjoys an Uncrustable leftover from lunch.

Animals Found on Woodside Campus Crossword

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief January 28, 2022

Autumn is the season that marks the transition from summer to winter and is known for its shorter days and pretty colors.

Autumnal Hues in Redwood City

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief December 9, 2021

Clara Chiu is a junior at Woodside and will be participating in a KQED showcase on Wednesday, November 10.

Woodside Student Selected for KQED Showcase

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief November 9, 2021

Woodside junior Clara Chiu made a video about racism against Asian Americans that has been chosen to air on KQED’s Youth Media Challenge Online showcase on Wednesday, November 10 at 7 p.m.  Clara’s...

Prove you are the wildest wildcat by testing your knowledge of Woodside staff.

Woodside Staff Crossword

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief November 3, 2021
How well do you know Woodside's staff?
In the five game National League Division series, the Giants lead 2-1 against the Dodgers.

San Francisco Giants Enter Postseason After Record-Breaking Season

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief October 12, 2021

The San Francisco Giants broke records this season, with the most wins ever since the team moved to the West in 1958.  With 106 wins, the Giants became the number one team in the National League (NL),...

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