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Woodside students prepare for upcoming AP tests in May.

Woodside Prepares for AP Tests

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer May 1, 2019
Woodside High School students are in the midst of preparing for advanced placement (AP) tests which will take place throughout the month of May, raising discussions about the purpose, as well as the impact, of these classes.
The Boy Scouts forms one popular youth group that encourages its members to volunteer.

Technology, Community, or Both

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer April 15, 2019
Silicon Valley, often considered the tech capital of the world, is the birthplace of Facebook, electric cars, and iPhones. With all the technology constantly in such easy access, sometimes it can be hard for Silicon Valley citizens to look up from their screens and really see the world around them. This is why volunteering is so important; it teaches people to engage with the happenings around them and look outside of social media. But how do Bay Area teens respond to volunteering, and where do their values lie: their community or their technology?
A Woodside student shows her support for feminism.

Feminism: Equality for All

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer March 7, 2019
With the discussion around and importance of feminism spreading in recent years, communities in the Bay Area have grappled with how to approach this subject, and in particular what feminism means, and what it does not.
Students provide overwhelmingly positive feedback in regards to the tutorial pilot.

Tutorial Replaces SSR

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer December 21, 2018
Tutorial has been approved at Woodside High School, exciting many students and staff with more time to get ahead of, or catch up on work.
The Lion King is the next in a growing list of Disney remakes of beloved films.

Disney Fans Delight in New Lion King Film

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer December 13, 2018
The trailer for the remake of The Lion King hit a record breaking number of views for any Disney film, exciting Woodside students and forecasting success for the highly anticipated movie.
Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to congress, gives a passionate campaign speech

2018 Midterm Elections Showcase Diversity

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer November 26, 2018

The midterm elections have served as a groundbreaking year for diversity in politics, with 2018 seeing the most diverse group of candidates in United States history: 411 of elected officials were women,...

New laws regarding Halloween behaviors in California affect Woodside students.

New Halloween Laws Frighten Communities

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer November 6, 2018
New laws in California restrict Halloween behaviors, resulting in possible fines or jail time for those trick-or-treating over the age of twelve or staying out past eight at night.
30,000 to 40,000 people attended the San Francisco march.

San Francisco Climate Change March

Anna Harshman, Staff Writer September 27, 2018
Thousands gathered in San Francisco just days before the Global Action Climate Summit to urge global leaders to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, among other issues.
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