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CA Gubernatorial Candidate Zoltan Istvan Visits Woodside

Andrew Kubicka

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Zoltan Istvan, a transhumanist libertarian running for California Governor, visited Woodside High School on May 24th. Students Aaron Raubvogel and Hunter Melton decided to sit down and interview Istvan on his policies and beliefs.

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About the Writer
Aaron Raubvogel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Aaron Raubvogel is in his second year of being Online Editor for the Woodside Paw Print in his second year of Journalism. He has returned to the Woodside World to continue his work on the new website, because of the good relationships he has formed and to further his passion for writing. He will study journalism at Ameican University next year and one day become a reporter for a top newspaper. He is passionate about traveling, politics (especially the 2016 election), and local news.

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CA Gubernatorial Candidate Zoltan Istvan Visits Woodside