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Students explain the qualities of a good teacher

Samantha Marquez
Patience and communication are some of the best qualities students have noted in making a good teacher.

In a learning environment, it’s important to have a teacher who can support students well.

Listening to students makes them feel like their ideas are acknowledged and know they’re heard. This helps students feel encouraged to participate more and shows them that all ideas are always welcomed. Woodside students explained who their favorite teachers are and why they’re good teachers.

“Ms. Olson is my favorite teacher because she’s a patient person,” junior Lucero Zapien said. “I really like that she’s patient and her instructions are very clear for every assignment.” 

Patience is an important quality teachers should have when working in the education field. According to Southern New Hampshire University, it’s important to be observant, attentive, empathetic, and always have a positive attitude. Sophomore Alondra Flores explains who her favorite teacher is and why she likes that teacher. 

“My favorite teacher is Ms. O’Holleran because she’s sweet, caring, and very understanding,” Flores said. 

Good communication skills are a good quality to have if working as a teacher. It’s important to have good communication because if not it’ll make students be discouraged and feel like the teacher isn’t approachable. Communication ensures that students feel comfortable talking with their teacher. 

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Haislett because he’s really good at explaining everything in math,” junior Jonathan Recinos said. “I like that he’s always ready to teach and he’s always helping every student when they need help.”

Every student learns differently; some learn faster than others and some slower than others, while others learn better by writing, reading, or hands-on work. Southern New Hampshire University believes that teachers should always keep in mind that every student learns differently and it’s important to pay attention to ensure that every student is on the same page.

“I think just having a positive attitude when teaching is a good quality for teachers to have,” Recinos said. “A teacher’s passion for teaching is important because it makes many students more interested in learning.”

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Samantha Marquez
Samantha Marquez, Staff Writer
Samantha Marquez is a junior and first-year journalist. She enjoys writing about her interests and hobbies. She hopes to become faster at writing. In her free time, she enjoys doing makeup, going to cosmetology courses, and shopping.

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