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Art: A Door to Self-Expression

Jaiedenn Dolan
Art classes provides Woodside students with a safe space to freely express themselves.

Self-expression can take on various forms. Woodside students utilize their art as an outlet to display themselves distinctively. 

Art can create an open and safe space for many students to freely express themselves and put forth emotions that might be too complicated to put into words. With imagination as a driving force, these emotions can uniquely display themselves. 

“It lets us say things that are hard for us to say, or might be hard for others to hear because it is cloaked in beauty and spoken indirectly through senses,” art teacher Julie Marten said. “We can let out our ideas, dreams, imagination, memories, and desires without worry if they make sense or are logical.” 

Having complete control over one’s art piece allows students to navigate through a range of emotions and tell their stories. Students are also given the room to demonstrate what is important to them. 

“They explore their fears and anxieties, their feelings of joy or tranquility, their traumatic memories, their confusion and stress, their beliefs and values, or simply what they find beautiful,” Marten said. 

Being able to think creatively is also crucial when it comes to generating art as it provides an individual with the freedom to present themselves 

“In Art 1, there is a project I do where they have to do a portrait series from imagination with oil pastels that follow very strict color rules,” Marten said. “The rules teach them color theory and students are entirely freed from realism. Instead, they are pushed to use color expressively with the idea of a portrait being about a person’s soul or personality or being, rather than their physical appearance.” 

Art allows individuals to tap into their deepest emotions and properly process them. 

“Art is ultimately a form of communication, or expression, between the creator and their audience even if you are only speaking to yourself,” Marten said. 

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