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Smash Club reboots for its third year

Smash club members gather around one of several monitors in I-4, where the club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Smash Club, a club offered by Woodside High School, has begun once again, rebranded and run by senior Caleb Ortiz.

The Smash Club’s purpose is to compete and have fun playing Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. It is a fighting game featuring iconic characters from various franchises. Members of the Smash Club fight in the video game against one another or/and people online. Although some club members have a lot of experience in smash bros, Ortiz emphasizes that the club is not just for those who are good at the game.

“You could have played this game for over 2000 hours or just [have] touched the game once,” Ortiz said.

The club also acts as a social ground for people of various backgrounds to come together.

“[The] people I meet [in the club] are just a lot of really nice and cool individuals,” Ortiz said. “[They are] people who, for example, don’t even speak English. I’ve gotten to talk to them, and they told me that the club really helped them make new connections”.

In 2022, the club met in A-3; now, meetings are held in I-4.

Ortiz notes this change, saying, “[my] least favorite part is probably our new room this year. It’s in the I wing.”

However, he is excited for what the new year may entail.

“I’m excited for the new year for our club,” Ortiz said. “I hope this year will be just as great as the last one.”

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