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Science Olympiad Club

Science Olympiad club brings scientific spirit to students every Monday, in room J4, through exciting events both in and outside of school. 

Science Olympiad is a team competition in which students compete in 23 events in fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. Many different high schools across the country compete with each other every year. The Science Olympiad club hopes to welcome students who wish to expand upon their science interests.

“Science Olympiad is obviously for science enthusiasts and enrichment outside the classroom,” the Science Olympiad Club President and senior Justin Lee said. 

Students who participate in Science Olympiad engage in several different activities during weekly lunch club meetings. 

“It’s normally just fun science activities like right now we’re doing a kahoot,” Lee said. “We’ve also done a science-related jeopardy before.”

Other activities include preparation for different events held by various universities, such as the University of California Davis. 

“We’re also going to start having meetings where we’re just studying for the different events,” Lee said. 

Another exciting benefit of joining the Science Olympiad club is their newly provided university tutors.

“Right now we currently have Stanford coaches helping us and they’re all undergraduate or graduate students,” Lee said. “The current plan is for them to come to Woodside once a week and just help teach or help us assemble our things for the build events.”

And just like with every club, Science Olympiad provides a great opportunity of being able to meet people with similar interests. 

“It’s also just fun to meet new people,” Lee said.

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