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Confidential counseling gives students a safe space

Luisa Gapastione
F-14 is an open, friendly place for students to come for mental health support.

High school isn’t always easy, which is why confidential counseling in F-14 can be very beneficial for Woodside students. 

Confidential counseling is free and offered on campus for any student who needs to talk to someone. Students can get a pass from their teacher to go to F-14 if they need a quick break, or they can schedule a counseling session with one of the therapists. Everyone is welcome, no matter the size of the issue at hand.

“Students can come to F-14 if they want to take a break if they’re having a rough day,  they’re feeling a lot of stress or anxiety, either school-related or personal-related,” Mental Health Support Specialist Kathleen Holmes said. “They can come in once if they just want to check in with somebody, or we can offer services to students so they can come in and see somebody on a regular basis.”

Talking to someone can get people help they didn’t know they needed.

“Having access to mental health services is super important to students because you don’t always know what somebody’s going through,” Holmes said. “A lot of people are walking around with invisible pain that’s not very obvious, so it’s a nice place for them to come and land and get mental health services that are probably very difficult to get outside access to outside of school.”

The therapists, who are interns, do whatever they can to help students.

“We have a lot of really enthusiastic, smart, empathetic interns who are in there and just want to do what they can to help the kids,” Holmes said.

Counseling allows students to deal with issues bothering them. 

“There were some students who avoided school because they had a lot of school anxiety. So they saw a therapist here, and it helped them be a part of Woodside again,” Holmes said. “Students have gained new confidence in their abilities; you can see a change in how they hold themselves and present themselves.”

Ms. Holmes has seen growth within kids who take breaks and talk to someone when needed.

“My favorite thing is working with students,” Holmes said. “I really enjoy seeing students who have grown and matured and are accomplishing really great things and doing what they want to do after college.”

Confidential counseling is a good opportunity for all kids on campus.

“F-14 is a friendly, comfortable environment. Students need to take a break, and we’re here for them,” Holmes said.

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About the Contributor
Luisa Gapastione
Luisa Gapastione, Beat Editor
Luisa Gapastione is a freshman and first-year journalist. She enjoys writing about politics, controversies, and public opinions. She wants to spread awareness about significant topics and encourage people to have important conversations. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going on walks, and listening to music.

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    Maggie MeinNov 13, 2023 at 8:41 PM

    Awesome article 🙂