2023 Prom: Out of this world fun!


Chloe De Leon

Junior class president Malin Petersson reveals details on prom.

Chloe De Leon, Culture/Entertainment Editor

Celestial lights and a stellar color palette will drape the San Francisco Design Galleria on April 21. 

Seniors and juniors long anticipate prom as a benchmark of their high school experience. Junior class president Malin Petersson told the Paw Print what Woodside’s upperclassmen can expect.

“It’s basically space-themed,” Petersson said. “Our color palettes are very blue [and] purple, like stars and planets.”

Last year’s student body revealed their prom theme as an “Enchanted Evening.” This year’s student body chose a similar fantasy-like theme. 

“It’s a really tall venue,” Petersson added. “So we’re going to make it very eerie and space vibes.”

The space theme ties in with 2023 prom dress predictions. Seventeen tells readers that sparkly materials, flowy fabrics, feathers, bold colors, and modern cutouts will be popular this year, all of which allude to extraterrestrial-inspired fashion. Besides the reveal of prom outfits, Petersson hints at another prom festivity.

“We’re gonna have a really cool surprise,” Petersson said. “It’s going to happen halfway through the dance [and it] should be really fun.”

Student leadership puts their most effort into choosing the theme and cultivating prom into what the student body wants.

“We did a lot of research,” Petersson explained. “We were talking to people in class boards and just asking about the general student population’s opinion.”

Those who put this year’s prom together hope to see a full venue of enthusiastic students.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Petersson said. “All juniors and seniors should go.”