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Say his name: Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols Debrief
Jaiedenn Dolan
Police brutality have taken the life of so many, there needs to be a change.

Here’s what to know: On January 7th, Tyre Nichols was severely beaten by several different Memphis police officers. This eventually led to his death on January 10th due to the extensive injuries he sustained during the brutal encounter. Of the seven officers involved, five were charged with murder and other various crimes, and all lost their jobs Additionally, three EMTs (emergency medical technicians) were also relieved from their duties due to failure to properly render immediate medical attention. 

Footage released on January 27th deeply saddened numerous people in countless communities as it displayed yet another incident of police brutality. 

“It was so inhumane to treat a person in that manner,” physical education and badminton coach Nancy Staves said. “It was more painful to see black men destroy a black man.”

With the continuous pattern of violent behavior portrayed by police officers, the demand for justice has increased tremendously. 

“What [the officers] have done has actually opened the eyes of the world,” Staves said. 

Many people have taken a stand against police brutality by participating in peaceful protests. Still, some are still wondering if protests are enough to bring about drastic change. 

“Every time somebody gets killed, we protest and everything dies down,” Staves said. “All the protests in the world aren’t going to bring that young man back.” 

Even with the systemic disparities faced by the African American community, many are still hopeful that steps will be taken towards a positive future. 

“You young people in the world have to open your eyes and ears,” she said. “You got to be smart enough not to let anyone take your power.” 

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About the Contributor
Jaiedenn Dolan
Jaiedenn Dolan, Beat Editor
Jaiedenn Dolan is a senior and second-year journalist. She enjoys writing about politics, worldwide, and current events. She hopes to bring light to current political events that are happening around our school. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going out with friends, and going to Santa Cruz.

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