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The first “Fundraising Friday” since 2019 is just around the corner

Leslie With
Fundraising Friday is held in the fall and the spring; giving clubs and student organizations two opportunities to raise money throughout the year.

The leadership class will be hosting “Fundraising Friday” during lunch in the quad on December 2, 2022.

The leadership team hosts “Fundraising Friday” twice a year, in which on-campus clubs and organizations can sell items for students to purchase. To purchase any items being sold, students must buy tickets from the leadership table that will be set up in the quad on Dec 2. 

This year will mark the first Fundraising Friday since the 2019-20 school year because of restrictions and regulations regarding the distribution of food due to COVID. 

“With COVID, we were shut down, and then as we came back last year, we were still not sure what the various requirements were; so this will be our first one since,” Leadership teacher Leslie With said. 

Although food is not the only thing being sold, it has statistically had the best sales in the past. Certain nutrition laws must be followed, as the sale of foods to children is particularly restricted. For example, pizza can be sold, but doughnuts cannot be, as they fall over a certain calorie intake.

“There is a law about what we are allowed to sell during the school day,” With said. “We still must follow the nutritional restrictions.”

Student-group organizations and clubs are the only ones allowed to sell products.

“For example, parent groups cannot do this,” With said. “But student organizations can sell items. We are allotted so many days in a year, and so we do Fundraising Friday so [that] everyone has [an] equal opportunity [to raise money].”

Although in the past, Fundraising Friday revolved around the selling of food items, clubs were not required to do so. They also had the ability to sell keychains, merchandise, etc.

“They don’t have to sell food, but it’s just a fun way to get people involved,” With said.

At this event, rather than money being exchanged from buyer to seller, student leadership exchanges money for tickets, so handling cash can be more manageable for the various sellers. 

“As leadership, we’ll have tables set up with tickets, [and] one ticket is equal to $1,” With said. “Let’s say, for example, they give us $20. We will give them 20 tickets, then the students can go around to the club tables, and then use the tickets to get the items. We do not refund the tickets.”

There are 20+ clubs and student-run organizations on campus, suggesting an array of products will be sold. Even if you don’t get the first pick on the day of the event, there are always items left unsold by the end of lunch.

“There are a lot of clubs, [so] some things that are popular will go fast,” With said. “But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left. There are a lot of groups that are fundraising. So go and check out all the various tables and have fun.”

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