What’s new with the Veggie Cats club?


Kailyn Holty

Come find Veggie Cats at B-15 every Friday for some nutrition fun!

Kailyn Holty, Sports Editor

Want to learn more about nutrition while helping the environment? The Veggie Cats club is an inclusive space that meets every Friday in B-15 so you can explore plant-based diets. 

Led by co-presidents and juniors Jessie Lin and Emma Hite, this club hopes to educate students on the benefits of plant-based eating through fun and engaging activities. By sharing vegan and vegetarian recipes, students can learn easy ways to apply these new lifestyle changes.

“The purpose of this club is to promote inclusivity when it comes to dietary restrictions,” Lin said. “We wanted to make a club to talk about the benefits of plant-based eating and its sustainability. It’s about how we can change a little bit of our lifestyles [by] changing our diet [to] help the rest of the world.”

Most club activities and lessons will center around the members. Students in the club will learn important steps individuals can take to help the environment through their diet.

“[In] joining this club you can expect to learn a lot about nutrition as well as positive impacts our [diet can have on] communities, our ecosystems, and our atmosphere,” Lin said. “Be prepared to eat a lot.”

In the future, Veggie Cats hopes to plan fundraisers to increase snacks during club meetings as well as raise awareness to more students about plant-based diets. 

“We’re planning a fundraiser [where] we’ll probably be selling Jasmine green tea and Thai Tea, which are going to be dairy-free,” Lin said. “We’re probably going to have a little mini bake sale as well. We’re [also] hoping to do something with the Green Academy for Earth Day.”

Veggie Cats club hopes students will join in to experience this positive atmosphere filled with fun snacks and great tips. 

“Feel free to drop by,” Lin said. “We try to be as inclusive as possible and we’re a judgment-free zone. Our main goal is to bring awareness of climate change and our health.”