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The annual 2022 Talent Show showcases students’ talents

Mary Keile
Woodside talent show took place on Thursday night at the PAC.

Woodside’s talent show performances were held in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on October 6 at 7 p.m for students to perform their acts.  

The talent show featured a variety of acts that were unique and different. There were various student performances, including singing, stand-up comedy, duet partner singers, and more creative performances. 

The following people who won first place were: Amanda Marcos and Anna Daveggio.

The following people who won second place were: Charlie Hauge and Anna Daveggio.  

Amanda Marcos was performing “Listen” by Beyoncé while singing on stage. (Hannah Marcos)

I’m singing “Listen” by Beyoncé, senior Amanda Marcos said. ““Listen” is a very impactful song, especially since it’s about someone wanting to be free. I hope everyone feels loved and happy with my song.”

Junior Tiffany Sanez Rubio sang a duet with Karolina Macioce to inspire other students to audition next time. 

“I hope our act will inspire [other] people to come and audition for the talent show.” Sanez Rubio said.“[It] might seem scary to be in front of many people or think you’re not good enough, but that’s not the thing.

Sanez Rubio explains you have to feel confident about yourself to achieve your goals. 

Tiffany Sanez Rubio and Karolina Macioce sing a duet together on stage. (Diana Lopez)

“Nobody [is] born perfect or being good at something,” Sanez Rubio said. “You have to] trust yourself and feel confident to do something you like and want to do. You will achieve your goals and dreams with [much] practice and effort.”

Senior Dean Cunanan also performed with Tammy Powell by performing stand-up comedy. 

“I did 2 acts,” Dean Cunanan said. “I [was singing] a duet with Tammy Powell, and I did stand up [comedy] to show that I have a talent. I [had] fun [and] I wanted to let them know that we came to the talent show to perform, not to win.”

Marcos was also excited to perform but felt nervous because of other students performing. 

Charlie Hague was playing the piano playing “Four Seasons.” (Hannah Marcos)

“I [was] very excited but nervous because we have some really good acts,” Marcos said. 

Junior Karolina Macioce performed in the talent show for the first time but had appeared in numerous musicals.

“I wanted to be in the talent show because I love to perform and be on stage,” Macioce said. “I’ve been to about five musicals before and loved them. This is my first time performing in the talent show, but I was an MC at my elementary school.”   

Tiffany Sanez Rubio and Karolina Macioce are Congratulated by their friends, taking photos and receiving flowers. (Diana Lopez)

The talent show is every year, and everyone, including the student performers, love to show their talent to inspire others.

“Personally, singing has been one of my favorite things since I was a little kid,” Sanez Rubio said. “[The] talent show seemed to be a great place not only to show what you’re good at, but it’s also where you learn from other people.  That’s why I decided to be part of it again because I learn from my peers and teachers.”

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