BSU hopes to bring unity among students

Black Student Union


Jaiedenn Dolan

Come join BSU Tuesdays at lunch to become apart of the team.

Jaiedenn Dolan, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union club (BSU) builds a safe community among African American Woodside students every Tuesday in room G2 through engaging activities and events.

BSU aims to create an inviting environment where students, especially African American students, can learn about and connect with their past. 

“I hope that they’re [African American students] able to gain a sense of history and where their relatives came from,” Elijah Thornton Club Supervisor said. “I hope that we build a sense of community within the Black community, but also among other students as well.” 

Students are encouraged to join as leaders to create an environment where students can openly express their experiences and speak out against racial injustices portrayed by the media. 

“[Students] should join the Black Student Union because it is a community to feel safe talking about your Black experience, and what it’s like to be Black,” Co-Club Supervisor Brandy Williams said.  “It’s for people to know our narrative outside of what mainstream media constantly pushes out about Black lives.” 

The club also plans to provide engaging activities for students to participate in. 

“I would love to take the group to San Francisco to go to the museum of the African diaspora,” Thornton said. “I would also love to do some more fundraisers.”

The Black Student Union hopes to bring a welcoming community to Woodside where African American students can unite. 

“I hope that they make new connections with each other,” Williams said. “I hope they feel like it’s a safe space to be Black.”