The Octagon Community Service Club empowers student volunteers


Winnie Einhorn

The Octagon Club meets outside every Monday, between the F and G wings.

Winnie Einhorn, Co-Editor in Chief

Carrying on decades of work to help students find and discuss volunteer opportunities, members of the Octagon Club are as eager as ever to give back to their community.  

The Octagon Club was founded in the 90’s, and formed through an outside organization by the name of Optimists International. Students use the club as a space dedicated to the pursuit of community service, meeting weekly to discuss their work in the community. Volunteering roles include many opportunities, from handing out meals at the Second Harvest Food Bank, to spending time with senior citizens at the Palm Villas Alzheimer’s care facility. 

“We usually… [discuss] any upcoming volunteer opportunities, and how [members] can participate,” Octagon Club co-president and senior Mary Daniher said. “Also, sometimes… people will share what opportunities they participated in over the past week.”

The Octagon Club has become a long-standing community, returning stronger with every year. While they have maintained their primary goal to help students find legitimate, dependable causes to give back to, a few aspects have evolved over time.

“We have a lot more officers,” Daniher said. “And compared to my freshman year, there are so many more club members. We also meet outside, which is nice.”

The Octagon Club is a prominent student organization that enables those involved to contribute to their community. Members meet between the F and G wing every Monday. Any students interested in joining the club can earn up to 1 credit for community service every semester. 

“It’s a really great way to find community service opportunities because it can be hard to find [opportunities] that are safe,” Daniher said. “Also, [it’s a great way to] give back to the community and our school.”