Movie-goers have found their new favorite club: Movie Club


Logan Marrow

The Movie club meets in E-7 on Thursdays

Logan Marrow , Staff Writer

Come to Movie Club to discuss films, plan trips to film festivals, vote on a weekly movie to watch, or just hang out and make friends. Members meet in E-7 every Thursday at lunch. 

The goal of the Movie club is to create a place where students can come to meet other people who share a love of cinema, filmmaking, or just watching movies. Senior Gabe Perez is the president and founder of the film club.  

I’ve been looking for a filmmaking community since the seventh grade,” Perez stated. “From what I knew, there wasn’t any sort of club centered around movies when I founded it. Apparently, there have been in the past, but…it’s been a while since Movie Club was a thing.”  

Perez also has some expectations and his vision for the club. 

 “I want to mostly have this club be an open space to nerd out about movies, tv shows, and the like,” Perez said. “Again, there isn’t any centralized movie-lovers community at Woodside.” 

Perez also talks about visiting downtown Redwood City to the theater for a private screening, and to some other smaller arthouse theaters. 

“I have a few theaters I’d like to take the club to, The Roxie and Alamo Drafthouse to name a few,” Perez says. I was also looking into renting out a Cinemark theater in Downtown Redwood City for a private club screening.” 

The Movie club is a place where students who love movies or are just starting to get into movies can come and enjoy discussing and watching films. It is also a great place to meet new people. All are welcome!

“You will walk out of every club meeting a completely different person – a better person, a smarter person, a stronger person,” Perez stated.