Woodside’s Humanitarian Aids Club supports philanthropists in the making


Humanitarian Aid Club

The Humanitarian Aid Club lends a helping hand to the community and world.

Chloe de Leon, Staff Writer

The new Humanitarian Aid Club brings together students who are ready to make a difference regarding social injustices. Ambitious presidents Mia Farber and Camilla Jerng strive to make a meaningful impact with the help of the school community.

“We noticed that there are not a lot of teenagers who are well-educated [on] current world issues,” Farber said. “[We want to] benefit our community and the world [through] educating teenagers on [societal] issues.”

Farber and Jerng are new to club leadership, but their passion for helping others was established long ago. They are ready and excited to teach to those without prior knowledge around humanitarian goals. Their main focus is to guide members to an outlet that will help others.

“[It’s] a really good opportunity to learn about big issues in the world, and be a part of solving them,” Farber said. “We plan on taking the advice of our members to influence which philanthropic opportunities we do throughout the year.”

While finalizations to the club are still being made, meetings currently take place in J-8 on every Monday. Farber and Jerng invite all interested students to stop by.

“We hope to make [Humanitarian Aid Club] a staple addition to the Woodside clubs,” Farber said.