Welcome back to making friends with Best Buddies club


Ollie O'Toole

Look for this poster outside F-16 to go to Best Buddies club.

Ollie O’Toole, Staff Writer

Come to the Best Buddies club to play games, eat snacks, and make friends with people apart of Woodside’s impaired community in F-16 every Tuesday. 

The goal of the best buddies club is to create a bond between the independent living skills program (Woodside’s program for people with disabilities) and the rest of the Woodside community. The Best Buddies club aims to create an inclusive environment here on campus.

“We meet every Tuesday during lunch,” Co-President and senior Mary Daniher said. “It’s super fun, we like hanging out, we do games and activities or watch movies. We sometimes have snacks.”

In addition to having fun at lunch, they sometimes do small events. These events include the friendship walk they do every year and potlucks. 

“Sometimes we do a potluck or other food-related activities, [and] we watch movies,” Daniher said.

Daniher and her fellow club leader are looking forward to a great year for the Best Buddies club, and they want you to be part of it. 

“Everybody’s invited! We eat lunch with students and the students in the independent living skills program, and we want to build an inclusive environment on campus,” Daniher said.