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Visions for the Class of 2026

Freshman Election Results
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Blume, Germano, Kautzmenn, and Rich give Woodside students insight into their visions as freshman officers.

Catherine Blume, Marycarla Germano, Elizabeth Kautzmann, and Lucas Rich won their freshman elections by a popular vote that took place on Tuesday, September 13. 

These four students were elected for the positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for the class of 2026. Catherine Blume, who now holds the presidential position for her class, went over how she plans on making a community with the freshmen class and overall students of Woodside. 

“I plan on involving everyone, trying to get ideas from a lot of people and use[ing] their input,” Blume stated.  “I’m going to use their [students] voices to help make the school better.” 

Blume discussed the strengths and skills she offers for her position and class. 

“I think some strengths I have is that I like to take the leadership role in group projects, and I like to have my voice heard, ” Blume said. 

Along with Blume, Germano, the vice president, explained how she is working on bringing students of Woodside, especially the freshmen, into one community. 

“I know a good amount of people in the freshman class and I’m going to make sure that I communicate to them first and make sure that I get the message out to everybody else. Communication is really important to me,” Germano said. 

Germano described what she is going to continually strive for now that she holds the vice presidential position.

“For vice president, I really want to make sure that everyone feels included in the community,” Germano said. “It’s very important to me that everyone feels like their voices are being heard.” 

In order to do her best in the secretary position, Kautzmann has set goals for herself to complete. 

“I want to make sure our whole team can work as hard as we can to get the freshman class involved in everything like spirit days and homecoming,” Kautzmann said. 

In order to help get everyone involved in the freshman class, Kautzmann participates in a few extracurricular activities to get to know her peers. 

“I’ve signed up for baking for charity;  I might join the octagon club soon; and I play volleyball right now,” Kautzmann said. 

An active club participant, Rich also brings essential skills to being a treasurer. 

“I’d say I’m pretty good at math, and I’m also pretty good at managing things,” Rich said. “I really hope I can make this year at Woodside really fun for everybody.” 

All four of these freshmen plan to take swift action towards making a friendly, welcoming environment for the class of 2026. 

“I want to make this community one that everyone feels like they belong,” Germano said. 

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