Students’ plans for the summer


Thomas Beasley

Woodside seniors practice for graduation on Bradley field before they leave for summer.

Thomas Beasley, Staff Writer

As lockdown restrictions leave, students are preparing for an enjoyable summer this year. Many students are getting their first job or are going somewhere interesting. 

Woodside’s French club goes on a trip to France, where they visit Paris and then stay with a French family. 

“This summer, I am going on a trip to France with Woodside’s French club to Paris, and then we stay with a family, which is cool,” sophomore Quinn Watrous said.”I am excited [for the trip], we will learn about french culture, and I will use the french I have learned.”

Like Watrous, junior Jake Thompson is going to travel this year. 

“This summer, I am going on vacations and hanging out with friends,” Thompson said. “I will also be swimming at the PCC, the community pool, near my house.”

Some students are traveling for sports. 

“I’m playing water polo over the summer,” sophomore Max Mueller said. “I play water polo for West Valley Water Polo Club. We’re pretty we are good. We’re going to go to the Junior Olympics.”

Due to the heat, many students are going to swim this summer. Freshmen Julian Hull will swim and work. 

“This summer, I am getting a job at a local pool where I will be a camp counselor for a swim and tennis camp,” Hull said. “This will take up a lot of my time, as it goes from 7:30 to 4:00. I will also be doing club water polo during the summer.”

Sophomore Evan Chad enjoys working over the summer. 

“I work at Goetz brothers,” Chad said.  “[Working] gives me something to do, and it’s taught me about the workplace.”

Most students have not had a first job and are ready for a new experience.  

“I’ll probably be working either in Redwood Shores or somewhere in San Carlos,” Thompson continued. “I do not know where yet. I am still applying. [It’s] My first time going through [the application process], and it will be interesting to see [what happens].”

Others are returning to their jobs. 

“I’m a lifeguard at Burgess pool,” Mueller said. “I started last summer, and it gave me a good sense of responsibility. It was nice to make money for myself that I could spend on what I wanted. Instead of spending money that I didn’t earn. It felt better to spend money that I had earned.” 

Money is a big reason why students work. 

“I started working November last year in Sports Basement. Freshmen,” Ali Yerken said. “I started working because I wanted to save up money to buy something I would want in the future.” 

This forward-thinking nature is something many students share.

“I will probably spend my money on food with some friends,” Thompson concluded. “Or try to buy a gift for some other people. It is my friend’s birthday soon.”