BOSA candidate spotlight: Sierra Pestoni


Cebelli Pfeifer

Pestoni’s campaign posters have a comical twist and can be found around Woodside’s campus.

Cebelli Pfeifer, World News Editor

As the BOSA (Board of Student Affairs) election approaches, junior Sierra Pestoni is campaigning and competing for the presidential position.

Pestoni is running solo; one of her objectives is to prove to herself that she is capable of obtaining the position in Woodside’s student government. To Pestoni, this election is just as much a personal journey as it is an engaging school-wide event.

“I’m not necessarily running with anybody because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, and I feel like this is more of an individual journey for me,” Pestoni said. “I know all of the people I’m running against as friends and personally, and I think they are all great candidates.”

Pestoni’s main goal as BOSA president is to make students feel comfortable coming to school and create a positive, inviting environment.

“I want students to feel like they belong more,” Pestoni said. “I want them to walk into the doors of their classrooms and [Woodside] to feel like this is their second home.”

The polls are open for one day, and votes can be submitted on March 16. As the election date gets closer and closer, Pestoni hopes for a positive future.

“No matter what happens, I want students to feel like they can be involved and heard on this campus,” Pestoni said.