BOSA Candidate Spotlight: Lorenzo Pepe and Benny Bogyo

BOSA Candidate Spotlight: Lorenzo Pepe and Benny Bogyo

Charlie Sullivan, Staff Writer

With election day right around the corner, the candidates for the Board of Student Affairs (BOSA) elections, president and vice president candidates are racing for the spots.

Lorenzo Pepe and Benny Bogyo are both current junior class officers and are running as a pair. 

“The fact that we’re running together and are pretty good friends sets us apart from the other candidates… we work really well together,” Pepe said.  

The two are hoping to be a part of BOSA with their current class officers for the 2022-2023 school year.

“Lorenzo and I are both junior class officers with Jojo Meade and Kaitlyn Jones so we are supporting them and hope we can all move up to BOSA because we all work well together,” Bogyo said.

Pepe, Bogyo, Meade, and Jones have been working together the entire year to plan events like homecoming, concessions for sports games, working ticket booths, and elevating school spirit.

“We want to implement more school spirit and make sure every student is heard to make Woodside a better place,” Pepe said.

School spirit aside, student voice is the main objective of their campaign.

“If elected, I would like to take into account the opinion of the student body and make sure everyone is heard so that the school can be the best it can possibly be,” Bogyo said.

Bogyo and Pepe hope to continue representing Woodside in student government and working together for the 2022-2023 school year.

“Lorenzo and I always figure it out, we are never arguing, and we always have the same idea of what we want to accomplish which is what makes us a really great team,” Bogyo stated.