Leadership works on St.Patrick’s day plans


Jessica Lin

Leadership uses their instagram account to spread news of different spirit days.

Sofia Kalberer, Staff Writer

Woodside has some exciting plans for Saint Patrick’s Day, coming up this Thursday on March 17.

During brunch and lunch, there will be a poster on which you can write a reason you’re lucky to be at Woodside. If you participate, you get a chocolate gold coin. Remember to wear green to show off your school spirit and sense of community.

Head of the spirit committee, sophomore Jessica Lin, is in charge of Saint Patrick’s day festivities at Woodside.

“Even though we have a really huge campus, little things like dressing up in green can bring us all together. I think a lot of the time we’re so in our own bubble that we tend to forget that there are different people from different backgrounds in our school,” Lin said. “So coming together is really nice even just for one day.”

Even with COVID-19 interfering with school activities, spirit days are still common at Woodside.

“[Spirit Days are] a great way to show how spirited we are even through hard times and how the Woodside spirit is unmatched,” Lin said.


(Jessica Lin is Staff Writer on the Paw Print)