Tessellations and Geometry: Learning English one step at a time


Dylan Godoy receiving an award from Karen van Putten for completing the AMC 12.

Thomas Beasley, Staff Writer

In Geometry, English learner students designed and created their own tessellations. 

The artworks were made on Febuary 15th and will be on display in the PAC for a couple of months. After that the artworks will be in B2. 

Catherine Wachtler, an English learners teacher, is very proud of her students.

Principal Karen van Putten and Catherine Wachtler in front of the tessellations.

“The project was a culmination of something we’ve been studying all during [the] first semester,” Wachtler said. “The project was for students to design a shape and then they had to do some transformations to it, rotate, reflect or translate it to create a tessellation.” 

A tessellation is a geometric figure where one piece is repeated filling a grid.

The geometry class posing for a photo in front of the tessellations.

“A tessellation is when pieces basically fit together like a puzzle,” Wachtler said. “That same piece gets repeated again and again again, with no gaps, no change.” 

Senior Edwin Gonzalez enjoyed the class and it helped him learn English.

“It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. I learned about translations and rotations and I really enjoyed the activity,” Gonzalez said.

The order and names of tessellations on the bottom right of the poster.