“Freaky Friday” prepares for March 11 opening

The Musical will be performing march 11-13 and 18-20.


Spencer Calsing Lyons

The set of Freaky Friday is continuing to be built as the show is soon to occur.

Spencer Calsing Lyons, Staff Writer

This year’s spring musical “Freaky Friday” will show on the weekend of March 11th through the weekend of March 18th.

The musical is based on a movie of the same name released by Disney in the ‘70s. “Freaky Friday” follows the plot of a mother and daughter who switch bodies and the hijinks and comedy that ensue. 

“It’s really family-friendly,” Director Barry Woodruff said. “Especially when we have a Disney show, because then kids are really going to enjoy [the musical]. It’s going to be kind of minimalist but you’ll see tremendous set pieces.” 

The musical normally only has five performances but, with the overwhelming response to the fall play, the drama department has decided to add another day to attract more people to watch it. 

“We have an extra Sunday matinee to be able to have more people because we are only allowed half an audience due to COVID-19,” Woodruff said. “We usually sell out a lot of shows and so if we have 250 at each show, that’ll be a sellout.”

The musical is occurring in a week and the production is starting to wrap up. The actors and staff are all excited about the musical and can’t wait until everyone can see the show. 

“[‘Freaky Friday’] is a show that never was on Broadway,” Woodruff said. “But it really is a fun musical.”