Love is in the air! Valentine’s festivities on campus


Cebelli Pfeifer

Woodside is full of Valentine’s Day festivities this year. Guess how many hearts are in the jar, dress up, listen to music in the quad, and more!

Cebelli Pfeifer, World News Editor

Woodside’s leadership class has put together a variety of Valentine’s Day themed activities that students can participate in and admire this year on campus.

This year the leadership class has decided to introduce a new, interactive activity specifically for Valentine’s Day; a competition in D7 where students try and guess how many candy hearts are in a jar.

“The most exciting thing I think is the candy jar guessing game,” Woodside junior Rowan Fox said. “We haven’t done something like this and I think students will really enjoy it.”

Students will be able to submit their guesses through a Google Form

In addition to the candy jar guessing game, there will also be a poster outside of Mr. McDevitt’s Room (E15) where students can write things that they love or just nice messages.

“We will also be having a poster where students can express their appreciation for friends, the community, or Woodside itself,” Woodside junior Sydney Garcia said.

A variety of love songs will be playing in the quad on Valentine’s Day itself to spread the holiday cheer.

“Like always, we will have music in the quad,” Fox said. “To fit the Valentine theme, we will be playing love and heartbreak songs.”

Love is in the air and along with an array of various activities, hearts will be posted around campus and everyone is highly encouraged to wear Valentine’s Day colors.

“We also want to lift the spirits by having everyone wear pink, red, and white!” Garcia concluded.