Freshman Transition is Coming to a Close


Jessica Lin

Students gather with their Freshman Transition groups in the MUR.

Winnie Einhorn, Staff Writer

All freshmen have now completed their second-to-last Freshman Transition session as of Friday, January 7. The final meeting is soon to come, though the official topic and dates cannot yet be disclosed.

Freshman Transition is a mandatory program for all Woodside freshmen. During each meeting, several classes of freshmen gather in the MUR to participate in discussions or activities around varying high school-related lessons. Topics can vary, covering allyship, healthy relationships, social media, and more. 

“[Freshman transition is meant to] basically introduce freshmen into the whole high school environment,” group leader Rachel Sherman said.

The program is led by volunteer students of older grades. Many leaders come from the leadership group or the SSA (Safe School Ambassadors) club.

“I really hope that [freshmen] end up becoming more social… and just open to talking to students that are above their grade level,” Sherman said. 

Ideally, freshmen will leave the program feeling better equipped and acclimated to the high school experience. The primary goal for group leaders is for students to take something valuable away from their experience. 

“I want them to learn at least one thing from each of the lessons,” Sherman said. “Just one. doesn’t matter what it is.”