COVID-19 protocol for Woodside High School 

Mary Keile, Staff Writer

Woodside High School students must follow the COVID-19 protocols and safety precautions put in place this school year. 

A letter outlining COVID-19 protocols sent to Woodside students in early January 2022 stated that students should monitor symptoms, get a booster shot if eligible, continue social distancing, and wear well-fitting masks.

Woodside and Sequoia Union High School has also provided testing kits for each student. The school distributed KN95 masks with each test kit, and teachers have additional masks available for students in classrooms. 

“Safety measures are to wear a mask properly,” Woodside’s Health Aide Nanette Pasion said. “[The mask] covers your mouth and your nose everywhere at all times, except for when you have to eat or drink [at lunch].”                                                            

Good hand hygiene is also important for staying safe. 

“This means washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,” Pasion said. 

Karen van Putten, Woodside High School’s principal, values Woodside’s adherence to the COVID protocols in place. 

“Our Woodside staff, students, and parents deserve praise for their flexibility, patience, and cautionary perseverance as we navigate the third year of COVID health and safety protocols,” van Putten said.