Woodside’s 2021 Homecoming Dance on Bradley Field


Cedrik von Briel

Countless amounts of athletic games have been played on Bradley Field, and for the first time it shall prove itself a sturdy dance floor at this years homecoming.

Cebelli Pfeifer, Sports Editor

Woodside High School’s 2021 homecoming dance will be held on October 23 at Bradley Field. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s dance cannot be hosted inside the school gym. 

“Having the homecoming dance on the field allows us to not have to put a max on the number of people attending, and stay within guidelines,” Woodside leadership teacher Leslie With said. “If we were to hold [a smaller dance] inside, then we would have to follow COVID-19 restrictions and limit the number of people allowed to attend.”

Given this is the first year the homecoming dance has to be altered significantly, nobody knows what it’s going to be like or what to expect. Although this year the dance may lack four enclosed walls, it is not expected to lack the homecoming dance atmosphere.

“We’re still going to have all the same elements that were pretty much included inside the gym,” With said. “The decorations may be limited, but on the flip side we’re having big globe lights and we are paying for this big lighting structure that will light up and give the dance that disco feel.”

Due to the past school year being entirely virtual, students are excited and curious about how the event will run. This applies specifically to freshman and sophomores who have never experienced a high school dance, spirit week, or the big homecoming football game. 

“These are your high school memories; you’ve lost out on a year of stuff, and now is the time you can attend these events you had to miss,” With concluded.