Woodside’s Alphabet Soup Club


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Promotional artwork showing a happy bowl including all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Amos Figueroa, Staff Writer

Woodside has a returning club on Thursdays, and they come offering love and support. 

The Alphabet Soup Club, organized by co-presidents Max Valdez, Lily Ammenti, and Mia Pacheco, is ready to introduce students to the new LGBTQIA+ experience with the funny name. 

“There’s a lot of memes, going around, and one kind of name that we like about the LGBTQ+ community was like alphabet soup because there’s a whole bunch of different letters in it and then I was just like, Oh yeah, what if we just call it the alphabet soup club as a joke and then Max said, “Okay”, so here we are,” Ammenti stated.

While the name itself comes from a meme, the purpose of the club is much more serious. “[The purpose is] educating our community about different gender identities and sexualities. We’re here to help people become comfortable with their own identities. We want people to know that they’re not alone in whatever personal journey they are taking,” Valdez stated.

The future of the club is looking bright with new gender and sexuality topics being discussed every Thursday in E-6. For more information, Valdez said students can find the club on social media. 

“That’s Alphabet Soup Club on Instagram,” Valdez said.