Woodside’s Greenies Club


The Greenies club aims to make a change in the growing climate crisis and help benefit the environment.

Kaitlyn Chen, World News Editor

The Greenies club is a combination of the Tree Huggers and Save the Earth clubs, two on-campus environmental clubs.

“Our purpose is to spark [green] change on campus and create a sense of community.” Misha Patel, Greenies Club treasurer, said.

Their goal is to spread awareness about environmental issues to Woodside students through discussions and interactive opportunities.

“Some activities we’ve planned are planting flowers and giving them to Woodside staff. We will also bring in guest speakers and participate in local events as a club,” Patel said. “For example, beach cleanups and climate strikes.”

The Greenies encourage students to join the club to learn about how they can make a change and get involved.

“As the climate crisis grows larger, it is important for this generation to start thinking about what to do… Greenies is the perfect environment to have those discussions,” Patel said. “Plus it’s a nice way to get community service hours.”