Woodside’s Competitive Math Club

Everything you need to know about the Competitive Math Club


American Mathematics Competition

One of the bigger competitions Woodside’s Competitive Math Club participates in is the AMC.

Sofia Kalberer, Staff Writer

The Competitive Math Club participates in different math competitions such as the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), Continental Mathematics League (CML), Math Madness, and more. 

If you’re aiming for an Ivy League school or want to major in any math or science topic, you can add your AMC score to an application and it definitely won’t hurt your chances. The club is open to anyone and people from any level can show up, whether or not you think you’re good at math. 

A regular day in the club includes a warm-up problem, possibly some Jeopardy, eating outside, and other math activities. They’re also starting to include more lessons and going over different math concepts that will help them during competitions.

The advisor is Ms. Finander and the three presidents are Shai Dickman, Connor Herson, and Gigi Pistilli. 

If you’re interested, the Competitive Math Club takes place every other Thursday in H-5.