What’s the Best Buddies Club?


Xamara Carrillo

Best Buddies Club meets to create friendships and connections at Woodside.

Xamara Carrillo, Local News Editor

Woodside High School’s Best Buddies Club strives to create a sense of belonging at Woodside by creating friendships with Woodside students.

Meetings are every Tuesday in J-11, but they spend most of their time in the Independent Living Skills (ILS) center in the F-wing.

Jon Stewart, a math teacher at Woodside oversees this club.

“The purpose of our club is to create a sense of belonging on campus,” Stewart said. “We want to have students interact with each other to build friendships, but we also work with the students in the ILS program.”

The Best Buddies club campaign and focus on multiple topics that matter around our school.

“We raise awareness around intellectual disabilities and raise funds,” Stewart said. “We form friendships and buddies between our students that are club members and our buddies who are students in the ILS center.”

In this club students have the chance to bond with one another.

“Students get an opportunity to meet other students they wouldn’t normally interact with and create friendships,” Stewart said. “These friendships often last the entire time students are here.”

Best Buddies Club is a club that allows students to make strong friendships.

“We are striving to create a sense of belonging for all of our students on campus,” Stewart said.