Upcoming Forestry Challenge: Will the Forestry Club Tree-umph?



To learn more, join the Forestry Club at the A-wing garden.

Kailyn Holty, Staff Writer

The Forestry Club is back in action as they prepare for the Forestry Challenge that will take place in a couple of weeks. 

Members learn economical concepts behind forestry, as they prepare for the statewide Forestry Challenge. This overnight competition focuses on finding solutions to improving forests. 

“We measure the forest, their health and then we have to come up with a plan and present it to a panel of judges to see the score in the competition,” Meera Putz, a senior and co-president of the Forestry Club said. 

On October 13 to 16, members of the club will be traveling to Santa Cruz as they embark on the Forestry challenge. If students don’t feel comfortable participating in the challenge, there are many other reasons to join the club.

“Students should join the club if they’re interested in the outdoors, especially if they’re in Green Academy. Environmentally focused students who want to make a difference and [are] interested in forestry as a career or just a hobby,” Putz said.