Celebrate Chinese Culture With Woodside’s Newly Formed Chinese Club!


Amelie de Leon

Chinese Club meetings are held every other Thursday in B-18.

Amelie de Leon, Co-Editor in Chief

The newly formed Chinese Club meets every other Thursday in B-18 to explore Chinese culture, food, and entertainment.

The club was formed this year by a group of sophomores, along with the help of Ms. Xu, Woodside’s new Mandarin teacher.

“We’re mainly just trying to educate people about Chinese culture… break down some stereotypes and have people enjoy Chinese food,” Kyla Burfoot, secretary of Chinese Club said.

One important aspect of Chinese culture the club highlights is food.

“Last meeting [we had] rice crackers and Chinese jellies, and we’re hoping to fundraise enough for boba,” Burfoot stated.

The next club meeting will be held on Thursday, September 30. More information about the club can be found at their Instagram page, @chineseclubwhs, where club updates are posted, and club officers can answer questions.

“It’s definitely not just for people who are Chinse,” Burfoot said. “We’re all about educating everyone and including everyone.”