All About Woodside’s Maker Club


Ethan Moore

Woodside senior Ethan Moore 3D printed this spare bike part at the Maker Club.

Mia Hua, Culture Editor

Students in the Maker Club learn about 3D printers and make their own 3D printings in G-1 every Monday. 

Woodside’s Maker Club has a variety of machines, including 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and even a t-shirt press. 

“If you want to create something, we probably have some way of doing it,” Woodside senior Ethan Ley, president of the Maker Club, said. 

Ley founded the club with graduated seniors after noticing that although many people were interested in 3D printing, not many knew how to use 3D printers. 

“The goal is to get more people educated in 3D printing,” Ley said. 

Woodside senior Ethan Moore, another member of the Maker Club, joined because he wanted to experiment with 3D printing. Over the past week, Moore designed and printed a fully functioning spare part for his bike.

Ultimately, the club gives Woodside students easy access to expensive, 3D printing equipment for their personal use, as well as a space for people who love making things to meet and collaborate. 

“It’s just a very fun place to talk to other people also interested in 3D printing!” Ley concluded.