Woodside’s New Crochet Club


Emma Montalbano

The crochet club welcomes people of all crocheting abilities to join their club.

Emma Montalbano, Co-Editor in Chief

The new Crochet Club brings together students every Friday at lunch in F-10 who love to crochet or wish to learn how to crochet.

The founders and co-presidents of the club are Elise Hadidi and Brynn Ayoob. They wanted to share their passion for crocheting with others and did not pass up the opportunity to do so. 

“We saw Ms. Finander crocheting, and I was like ‘oh perfect;’ so we just made a little group!” Ayoob exclaimed. 

In the club, members come prepared with yarn and crochet hooks to work on their own projects or attempt to learn the art of crocheting. There are many things that can be made by means of crocheting. 

“We all have our own little projects to work on,” Ayoob said. “You can make stuffed animals, clothes, scarves, whatever you want.”

Not being able to crochet should not stop anyone from joining the club. Those wishing to try something new should not be afraid to join in on the crocheting excitement. 

“We have about five of us who actually know how to crochet, and we go around teaching everyone else how to crochet,” Ayoob said.