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The products marketed to women are often times more expensive than the same products that are marketed to men.

Claire Manuel, Local News editor

Women are still getting paid less for doing the same job as a man, and they are also paying more for the same goods and services as men. On average, women pay 7% on everyday items more for the same product as men, just because these products are marketed to women according to a New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Production report. This price difference is known as the Pink Tax.

As a girl, I have to deal with the Pink Tax every day. At Walmart, conditioners from the same brand cost $2.94 for men and $3.94 for women. Car insurance, on average, also costs more for women. This means by the time that I join the workforce, I will not only be paid less than my male coworkers, but on top of that, I will have to pay an average of $1400 per year more for the same products.

42% of goods and services cost more for women than men. This goes from all products marketed for babies to senior citizens. Women will have to spend their whole life trying to make up for all of the extra money that they are paying, which will only make us feel like we matter less than our male peers. There has been change in recent years, like how some states (including my home state of California) have banned using gendered car insurance rates. While some lawmakers like Congresswoman Jackie Speier have been fighting the Pink Tax by creating the Pink Tax Repeal Act, it still has a hold on American consumerism.

Please vote for a candidate who is more likely to listen to women and help make a difference. Joe Biden has shown his belief in women by choosing a woman, Kamala Harris, as his running mate. Please vote for Joe Biden.



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