What Bay Area Residents Think About San Francisco’s Rush to Reopen

Is San Francisco opening too soon? Bay Area residents give their opinion on the reopening.



Illustration of a person working out under heavy homemade protective gear.

John Buckley , Staff Writer

San Francisco wants to make it their goal to reopen establishments such as gyms and middle schools by mid-October. What do Bay Area residents think of this plan? 

San Francisco opened up schools with “in-person learning, on a rolling basis with approved safety plans,” said the City and County of San Francisco website. They also opened gyms and salons with limited capacity.

Senior Liam Moyer, who frequented the gym multiple times a week before the pandemic, voiced his thoughts on the matter. “Honestly, it’s not a good idea. When you are working out, you’re sweating [and releasing other bodily substances].”  

Moyer’s concerns mainly lie within the fact that everyone has to “rely on other gym members to actually wipe everything down [and] to socially distance.”

 With San Francisco opening a magnitude of businesses, they planned to open elementary schools in late September. Jessica Goldberg, a second-grade teacher at Orion Elementary, voiced her worries on the issue. 

“I am very concerned that they want to open so quickly,” Goldberg said. When asked if elementary students would be able to understand the severity of social distancing and wear a mask, she responded with, “No way.”

Goldberg also addressed how she has witnessed two students “taking off their masks to cough and sneeze.” 

A worrying and growing sentiment among the populace, especially with more and more schools opening.