Who’s Running for BOSA President?

Get to know the three juniors running to be next year’s Board of Student Affairs president.

This years Board of Student Affairs elections will be delayed due to the coronavirus.


This year’s Board of Student Affairs elections will be delayed due to the coronavirus.

Gulnazik Bakhramova, Staff Writer

Along with the upcoming 2020 presidential election in the United States, Woodside High School is looking forward to having its own BOSA officer election among juniors Ethan Lau, Benjamin Thall, and Christopher Dodge.

These possible future leaders of our high school are getting ready for the BOSA election and trying to benefit their community by introducing policies that will bring changes to the school. Lau, Thall, and Dodge are all leadership students, and they are passionate about improving school spirit and making Woodside an overall better place for Wildcats.

Dodge is involved in many extracurricular activities and volunteer work. He also has long-term experience being a leader and is aware of how important it is to lead people.

“I feel like I could represent the school in a very positive way and spread a lot of positivity,” said Dodge. “I would probably get the leadership classes more involved in more activities to get the whole school united together.” 

Thall believes that our school is very unique in its spirited atmosphere, and he wants to create a special experience for all students. Additionally, Thall claims that guiding freshmen and easing them into their high school routines is very significant for new students.

“Being a leader is fun for me and enjoyable,” shared Thall. “I want to make school a lot more memorable and fun for everyone by increasing spirit. Also, I really like to help out freshmen when they come in.”

Lau came up with many ideas for how BOSA members can develop and improve our school through special policies. Due to many concerns raised about issues with bathrooms and parking regulations, he is willing to contribute to our school and help find solutions. Lau also thinks that it is extremely important to allow seniors to participate in the U.S election process.

“I believe that seniors should be allowed to vote in our elections,” said Lau. “[They are] students that have more experience than you and definitely have been in more classes than you. They know what they want, they are going to college, they have all these things that they are planning out. I think that is an incredible group.”

All candidates demonstrated their leadership skills and showed that they are motivated to contribute to the school community. Undoubtedly, the choice for the next BOSA leader is in the Wildcats’ hands.

“I hope people will vote for us because they believe in our message and because we do want to make a change,” said Lau.