How do the Wildcats Feel About Homecoming?

Reactions to the Homecoming spirit days were mixed.


Skylie Maher

Woodside staff also dressed to show their spirit during a their decades skit at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Skylie Maher, Staff Writer

After leadership students spent hours preparing for October’s homecoming week, the reaction of the students varied.

Homecoming is an annual event at Woodside with many different activities leading up to the football game and the Homecoming dance. Every year, students from each grade show school spirit by dressing up to follow themes such as Tacky Tourist, College Day, decades, and school colors.

“The idea of spirit days and showing school spirit is okay, but I would definitely change the themes for our grade,” a Woodside freshman, Jacob Neves, said.

Woodside’s freshman seemed to generally dislike their assigned themes of Pajama Day, Out of this World, Disney Day, ’80s, and white-out. 

“It’s not my thing, but if I was dressing up, I would want to dress up to good themes at least,” Jennifer Reynolds, another freshman, added. 

Although many freshman didn’t enjoy the themes, there weren’t many complaints about Homecoming Week overall.

“It’s fun; some of them can be cheesy, but they are all around fun,” said freshman Gabriel Perez. “I had a bunch of ’80s stuff laying around, so why not use it?”

Other students seemed to have a more positive take on the spirit days, commenting that they provided an interesting change in routine.

“I just like the challenge of making outfits to try to fit the themes,” Ben Thall, a Woodside junior, said.

Woodside junior Sydney Truesdale agreed.

“Spirit days make school more exciting,” Truesdale stated. “There [aren’t] that many dances, so Homecoming is important. It’s a fun social event. It only happens four times in a lifetime.”