Yumi Yogurt Is Now Closed


Intl Frozen Yogurt Association

Redwood City’s Yumi Yogurt, a frozen yogurt business, is now closed.

Skylie Maher, Staff Writer

Yumi Yogurt, a family-owned business located in Redwood City, closed on Sunday, September 15, due to financial issues with rent and building renovations.

Many people were saddened to hear the decision to close the business, which opened in 1984. 

“I’ve been going for a couple years now, after my friend introduced me to it,” said Sophia Perna, a Redwood City resident. “It makes me sad because I really enjoyed Yumi Yogurt. The environment… was really happy, and the customer service was great.”

Rowan Fox, a Woodside freshman, agreed.

“The environment was always friendly there,” Fox said.

Though students enjoyed Yumi Yogurt, most students will not be going to the business’s other locations.

“If I’m around [San Mateo Location], but it’s not the same as the Redwood City one, ” Hiro Mukai, a Woodside resident, said. “It’s not convenient.”

Although the Redwood City location is now closed, the San Mateo Yumi Yogurt location will remain in business. While the Yumi Yogurt fans are sad to see it go, they wish the family the best. 

“I hope that the family that kept it open are doing well, and I hope that the closing doesn’t affect their finances,” Perna said.