Traffic Light Outages Cause Traffic Problems

Over the past couple of weeks, an alarming number of traffic lights have been down.


Google and Jack Freeman

Alameda De Las Pulgas traffic lights while fully functioning.

Jack Freeman, Staff Writer

Streetlights on Redwood City’s major streets have posed a problem for commuters over the past two weeks. Some of the significant intersections, like Alameda De Las Pulgas, have street lights that have been out almost at random.

“It’s becoming a big problem,” local resident Todd Labell said. “I have to take my kids to school every day and then head to work, and with how frequently [these outages] happen, it can make me late a lot of the time.”

There has been growing concern about these problems. Students have been showing up late to classes, and the new traffic angers people.

“It is hard enough to get around to school with the normal traffic,” Woodside student Andres Rodriguez added. “I’ve almost been late to class several times thanks to these outages.”

The ongoing construction on Alameda De Las Pulgas, focused on street lights and walk signs, may be the cause. Still, no official reason has been attributed to the outages.

“I just hope they can fix it soon,” Woodside junior Jack Moore commented. “I do not want to be late to school for something out of my control.”