Woodside’s Got Culture

Woodside’s Latest Rally Promises to Educate Student Body


Woodside High School held its annual cultural rally on April 10.

Chelly Cerrillo, Staff Writer

Woodside High School held a cultural rally on April 10 to inform students of the school’s different cultures.

The rally included performances by students of all grades and cultures from clubs such as the Latino Club, the Filipino Club, the Oceania Club, the Muslim Club, and more. The crowd was cheering for the groups who performed, and the whole gym was packed with freshmen through seniors.

“I think that the rally was very well represented,” said Sophie Moletz, a freshman at Woodside High School. “I especially appreciated the Oceania Club for their dedication to show the school traditional Tongan culture.”

Even with multiple club performances, most students stated that the most memorable one was the Oceania Club’s approximate three-minute dance performance.

“I really [enjoyed] the Hawaiian-themed dance,” stated Ailén Bellver Eymann, a freshman at Woodside.

Sure, I was a little confused, but it was fun and fresh.”

— Ailén Bellver Eymann

“I liked the music, the dancing, the cheering, and the overall enthusiasm,” Ailén elaborated.

On the other hand, there were some people that didn’t enjoy the performances. Woodside High School sophomore, Gavin Feri, wasn’t a fan.

“I didn’t hate it,” Feri described. “I just thought it was a waste of time, and I wouldn’t have gone on my own. I don’t think that culture was well-represented, and I feel like some people could have taken it wrong.”

For the past four years, Woodside has held a cultural rally. It’s been a tradition, and based off of people’s thoughts and participation, the tradition will continue.

“Culture to me means someone’s background, beliefs, religion, and everything that defines them,” said Olivia Phillips. “And, for that reason, I liked the rally. I think it was really cool to see everyone come together, especially [through] the dances performed by the different cultures and the peers here at Woodside.”