CBD: The Cure-All

The CBD craze is running rampant throughout America, for stoners and non-stoners alike.



The most common form of ingesting CBD is through tinctures.

Leila Taherian, Local News editor

As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade, millions of Americans turn to it as a cure for their problems.

Cannabidiol is where the name CBD derives from. Lacking the any THC, the product won’t give consumers the effect of a high. Rather, it serves as a natural aid for a wide range of health and mental illnesses. In 2018, $512.7 million were spent by consumers on CBD products in the U.S. Not only has this cannabinoid been found to help people, but it has also become a popular option for dogs suffering from cancer, seizures or anxiety. Its ability to minimize and cure cancer has been life saving for a variety of people and animals, and the numerous success stories have prompted many to seek out the help of this naturally occurring substance.

“I used to get migraines three to four times a week. I started taking CBD oil daily about a year ago and haven’t had one since. It’s really changed my life,” Timmy Lee, a Bay Area resident claims.

The CBD obsession can appear like another fad for millennials, or maybe just the mere drug of the time. Yet, the product is popular amongst older generations suffering from arthritis or other conditions. Individuals who had never smoked before turn to CBD for relief.

Federal officials should examine options consistent with federal law for enabling more scientific study on marijuana,” the American Cancer Society States.

I used to get migraines three to four times a week. I started taking CBD oil daily about a year ago and haven’t had one since. It’s really changed my life”

— Timmy Lee

A leading issue in the cannabis industry is that not enough studies have been conducted regarding its long term effects on ones body. Although there is some research showing the benefits of cannabis on cancer patients and individuals with other illnesses, there is not enough conclusive evidence.

At present we still continue to spread the truth about the real healing abilities of this God given plant, because we want to educate the public to make them aware that there are much safer and more effective ways to heal themselves naturally,” Rick Simpson, the creator Rick Simpson Oil, states.

Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana activist, became widely known for curing his own cancer with cannabis. In 2003, Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer and was ultimately able to treat and cure it himself with cannabis. His story became known and he sought out to help others find a cure for their struggles. His product, Rick Simpson Oil, is sold throughout America and Canada and is used for both humans and their pets.

Although research is limited, an expansive amount of people have found relief in cannabis. If American companies can begin funding more research, cannabis could become a widespread cure for a vast range of conditions and issues.