San Mateo County Sheriffs Visit Woodside Campus Bringing Free Food

Officers visited Woodside High School on the morning of January 30 to pass out free food and interact with students and staff.

Taila Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Police officers from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office gave away free food and drink to Woodside students and staff in front of the administration building during first period.

Taila Lee
Students talked with the officers as they headed to their first or second period class.

Starting at 7 am, the officers passed out a variety of cookies, donut holes, and hot chocolate for students and staff to enjoy.

“We’re here just to interact with the kids,” Deputy Maldonado stated. “[We] just wanted to do something nice for the school.”

According to the officers’ estimate, about 200 students had come up to their table for food and conversation.

Taila Lee
Food included donut holes and cookies. The table ran out of hot chocolate in less than 40 minutes.

“[We’re here] if the students or parents have any questions or concerns,” Sergeant Acosta said. “We’ve had a few parents come up to us and introduce themselves… We’ve had some good conversations.”

The officers explained that the department expects to visit different schools and bring food throughout the week before the Super Bowl. Although not yet confirmed, they hope to continue this process in following years.

“We try and do this at other schools,” Deputy Maldonado explained. “We’re the school resource officers, and Woodside is one of the main schools we have.”

“Tomorrow we’re doing Everest [Public] High School,” Sergeant Acosta added.