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Eric Bauman Resigns After a Wave of Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Sexual misconduct allegations lead to resignation of California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman
Los Angeles Times
Eric Bauman at a May 2017 meeting of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman has resigned after multiple accusations regarding sexual misconduct on several occasions.

Bauman resigned on November 22nd, shortly after the Los Angeles Times came out with a report that said ten Democratic Party members, along with some political activists, accused Bauman of acting with unwanted physical contact and using inappropriate comments in a professional environment.

“I have made the realization that in order for those to whom I may have caused pain and who need to heal, for my own health, and in the best interest of the party that I love and to which I have dedicated myself for more than 25 years, it is in everyone’s best interest for me to resign my position as chair of the California Democratic Party,” Bauman said in a statement following his resignation.

Washington Post
Eric Bauman speaks at the annual California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento on May 20, 2017.
California Democratic Party
Alexandra Gallardo Rooker is now the acting chair in place of Eric Bauman.

Governor elect Gavin Newsom, as well as other high tier democrats like State Senate President Toni Atkins, were increasing their pressure on Bauman to resign. Democratic activists such as Larimore Hall have released statements about their opinions on Bauman’s actions.

“We must make it clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated on any level, by anyone,” Larimore Hall said. “Throughout, we must engage one another with solidarity and respect, but we must also be brave enough to look inward and ask difficult questions. One thing is clear: People of a range of genders, gender expressions and sexual orientations felt unsafe working in and around the CDP. We share a profound responsibility to fix that.”

Alexandra Rooker is now acting chair in place of Bauman and will continue to until the executive board appoints a new temporary chair.

“I care deeply about all of our staff and volunteers and my heart aches to know that any may have suffered harassment or abuse,” Rooker said in a statement. “There is no place for harassment or abuse in our party or in any workplace. As a party, all of our officers and senior staff must be committed to ensuring that the culture of our workplace changes for the better.”

Bauman had been apart of the Democratic Party since May 2017 and was the first openly gay man to lead the party in California.

“I would find it hard to trust [Bauman] after he had done these things,” Woodside junior Ethan Mooney said. “I would want a person in that position of government to step down after crossing the boundaries.”

I would find it hard to trust [Bauman] after he had done these things. I would want a person in that position of government to step down after crossing the boundaries.

— Ethan Mooney

Bauman has come out with minimal statements since his resignation, however addressed what he wishes for himself in the future.

Bauman responded to the allegations saying he plans on, “seek[ing] medical intervention to address serious, ongoing health issues and to begin treatment for what I now realize is an issue with alcohol.”

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