College Application Season Is Here

Students face stress as college application deadlines near.

Gary Teele, Staff Writer


With college applications recently submitted, Woodside seniors enter one of the most stressful times in their high school careers.

As seniors are rushing to finish college

applications with deadlines quickly approaching, now is not a good time for procrastination. The pressure creates a heavy burden for students, but the process may not be as complicated as it appears.

We have learned how to manage [the college system] the best way possible to help the students get what they need in terms of finding a fit”

— Zorina Matavulj

The perfect application may not be possible, but it is a goal that seniors commonly aim for. Annie Garcia, Woodside senior, touches on the time management is crucial to the late nights of filling out applications.

“I don’t think [the process] is too hard to understand,” Garcia said. “It’s just time consuming.”

University of California applications for the 2019 school year were due on November 30. The application process continues into the holiday season, as there is a rush to get December and January applications submitted on time. So

me of the schools with upcoming deadlines include but are not limited to: MIT, New York University, Harvard, and University of Southern California.

With application deadlines nearing, Heidi Torres, Woodside senior, gives insight on the stress that comes with the process.

“It’s really stressful at first, but I feel like once you submit it, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders,” Torres said.

An adequate amount of sleep is something students are in need of to succeed in school, but with the next batch of deadlines, it does not seem like they will be able to get the much needed rest. When in need for some help, some students look to the College and Career Center for much needed assistance in the application process.

“I think the College and Career Center is very

helpful,” Garcia said. “You can always go and ask questions.”

Along with campus resources, students have additional online websites they can go to for help. Some commonly used websites include Naviance, which students may access through Woodside’s website.

Zorina Matavulj, Woodside’s College and Career Counselor, provides resources at students’ disposal and accentuates the importance extending their curiosity beyond California in hopes of finding the perfect fit.

“There is a big, beautiful, wonderful, interesting country out there,” Matavulj said. “It would be worth it to look into.”

Finding the perfect fit may not easy, but is the main goal to help students succeed to the best of their abilities.

“We have learned how to manage [the college system] the best way possible to help the students get what they need in terms of finding a fit,” Matavulj said.